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2.4-4 Knowledge of protectants (prevention cleaning)



2.4-4 Knowledge of protectants (prevention cleaning)
By putting protectants after the cleaning, we can prevent to a certain degree the material from getting dirty again and can make it easy to clean contaminating substances when it does get dirty. Requirements for protectant are; it blocks dirt; it is easy to clean when contaminating substances get attached to it; and protective coat itself is easy to regenerate. There are various types of protectant materials and they have diverse functions. As many of them require special knowledge and technique for implementation, few household residents use them and, hence, protectants are not well-known for such reasons. Here I will introduce floor maintenance coats used by professional cleaners.

(1) Floor maintenance coat
Floor maintenance coats (wax) used for a floor are a common protectant. However, possibilities are that it adversely holds dirt or the deterioration of protective coat generates negative effect on appearance. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient knowledge of protectants as it was the case for detergents.
Floor maintenance coats create a series of thin films. These films produce the following effects:
① Prevent wear and damage
② Enhance appearance of the floor
③ Block dirt and make it easy to remove attached dirt
④ Facilitate floor cleaning

1) Classification of floor maintenance coats

Each year various new products come into the market. Some are to be dried after being put and some form indurate films when illuminated with ultraviolet rays. We can further classify floor polish as follows.


Majority of household floor maintenance coats used typically on wooden floors seem to be polymer resin wax.

2) Illustration of implementation of floor maintenance coats

e.g. Steps for waxing a wooden floor

*an example of waxing a wood floor by a cleaning specialist (*photo provided by Best Ltd)

e.g. Pictures of waxing on a wood floor

① Old wax looks slightly dark. Wax peels off by friction caused by walking and makes unevenness in color, which makes the whole floor look dirty.
② The left side of the blue line has been waxed after cleaned. The right side is untouched for comparison.
③ After waxing the entire floor
④ The upper side of the blue line has been waxed after cleaned.
⑤ After waxing the entire floor