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Serial Projects


Clean= Healthy= Ecological! The easy-to-clean house is a Healthy Home that is friendly to people and the Earth.

“How to build an easy-to-clean house” Basic knowledge of cleaning and the equation (Ueki’s Equation)

From maintenance after the construction to the integration of maintenance into the design! From 15 years of the career as a professional cleaner, Ueki realized some buildings are hard to clean while others are easy. What is the “easy-to-clean house” then? Moreover, what is cleaning in the first place?

As the first professional to specialize in facilitating the sanitary maintenance, he summarized basic knowledge of cleaning and formulated a device to employ the knowledge (“Equation of Cleaning”) and a standard (“Ueki’s Law to Make Cleaning Easy”).
Utilizing these tools, he created a concept paper of the easy-to-clean house. This offers the know-hows of facilitating sanitary maintenance in the condensed form.

The text is the English translation of the extract (From Vol.2 Chap.2 to Chap.3) from the serial essays, “Healthy Home/ Easy-to-clean Home,” posted on Japanese website. This has acquired APOSTILLE(Notary public) based on the Hague Convention.