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2.4-2 Knowledge of tools (physical force)


2.4-2 Knowledge of tools (physical force)
With cleaning tools (apparatus) we can utilize physical force such as "sweeping, wiping, dusting, vacuuming, polishing, scrubbing, scraping, rinsing" to get rid of dirt. The risk of damaging architectural materials with mal-application should be remembered here with physical force as well as with chemical force.

★Basic knowledge of tools
① To know the types of tools (apparatus)  ②To know how to use



(1) To know the types of tools (apparatus)
There is a variety of household cleaning tools and it is desirable to make a choice that fits your purpose and to use it in accordance with the instruction. The following is the description of some typical cleaning operations that would help you picture the actual cleaning process while you make a choice from numerous options of cleaning apparatus.

As an example of a wise use of cleaning tools, I have a column for those who live with pets and have a problem in daily cleaning. For details, see  (*Japanese website)

(2) To know how to use
To illustrate the point, I show you how you can get other effects than rinsing by adding pressure to water. If you put a sprinkler attachment on a hose and put pressure on water so that it fans out, you can "sweep" the floor like a broomstick. Moreover, by putting more pressure on water with high-pressure washer you can get effects of "scrubbing" and "scraping." The smart combination of different tools like this generates numerous types of physical force to clean dirt.
In addition, those ordinary things that seem to be irrelevant to cleaning could turn into a great cleaning tool with smart application and combination.